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The Export Process

1.     Clearly Know What You Want – Complete the Hedley John Contact Form and be clear on what you would like.


2.    Know The Import Requirements – All Governments have restrictions around the health standards of animals that  enter their country. In many cases the Governments may have agreed a ‘protocol’ and if this is the case, we can search these requirements. However, sometimes these documents are not on file with New Zealand or Australia. It is always wise to have your own countries latest import health requirements, so we can check that meeting these is possible.

3.    Receive Your Quote - Once we have your order requirements clearly outlined and understand the import health requirements, we can prepare a letter of offer for you.


4.    Accept The Offer – If you accept our letter of offer, we will send you a detailed contract. This will require you to pay a deposit and outline the terms under which we will export you the livestock. Once we have received the deposit, we will commence preparing your livestock.


5.    Pre-Selection – If required, we will work with our database of breeders to pre-select livestock that meets the  specifications that is outlined in our agreement.


6.    Select Your Livestock – After the livestock is pre-selected, we will invite you to personally confirm your are pleased  with the livestock. This may involve a personal visit to see the animals or can also be done remotely by photo and video. For some clients they trust our experienced team to handle the full selection process on their behalf.


7.    On Farm Preparation – Once the livestock is selected, we will then commence making sure the farms of origin meet all the importing countries health requirements. Sometimes we also have to conduct health testing on the animals on the farm, before they can move further through the export chain.

8.    Trucking To Quarantine – All the animals you have selected, that pass their on-farm health requirements will then be  delivered to our pre-export quarantine facility.


9.    Pre-Export Quarantine – During this period, the animals will be held in a Government approved facility that is completely secure from contact with any other animals while we conduct the full health testing and treatments process that is required. We will also be managing the animals health and nutrition to make sure they are delivered to you in prime condition. During the quarantine and prior to delivery you will be required to make the final payment.


10.   Loading – Animals that are qualified for export after the quarantine will then be loaded into suitable internationally    approved crates that are specifically made to transport livestock by airfreight. The crates are made of wood, lined internally, fully secure and well ventilated to ensure the animals travel safely and in comfort.  


11.   Transit – Finally the animals will be delivered to you by a modern aircraft. If it is a small consignment, the animals may  travel alone and be met by you on arrival. If it is a large consignment, our qualified stock groom will accompany the animals to ensure their safe loading, unloading and transit. They will be available to advise and assist you on arrival.


12.   Documents – We will have prepared all documents you require to import the animals. These may include a Health   Certificate, Airway Bill, Invoice, Packing List, Certificate of Origin and Insurance Certificate.


The Import Process

1.    You will need to have made sure you have the following items taken care of: 

         a.   A Government endorsed import permit or permission

         b.  Border clearance arrangements with your national customs service

         c.   Duty and any excise charges are paid

         d    Suitable trucking has been arranged. Often our crates are just loaded straight onto a flat deck truck

         e.   Loading and unloading equipment

                i.   Long pronged forklifts for lifting crates on and off trucks

                ii.  Ramps to remove stock from multi deck crates

2.     Hedley John on send livestock to buyers we are sure will take good care of the animals health and welfare. You will need to complete our form to show us you have a great facility for the livestock to start their new life and good  experienced people caring for them.

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