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Hedley John Exporters commenced trading in 1999. The organisation was started by Mark (Hedley) Willis and Craig (John) McLean to facilitate the trade of food and agricultural goods between New Zealand and South East Asia where Craig is based.

Ostrich chicks for export

The early years saw the company focused on the international trade of ostrich products. Asia was preparing itself for the development of this industry which provided a highly nutritious and healthy protein based option and Hedley John was able to provide both the seed genetic stock for farm development as well has New Zealand processed ostrich meat to create initial public demand for this new product.

As the companies reputation grew it was approached to source more premium genetics for agricultural development and start ups. Soon Hedley John was flying dairy goats, meat goats and deer into Asian destinations. Many of these animals needed to be sourced from Australia and by 2004, Hedley John Exporters Pty Ltd was formed making the organisation a truly Australasian business.

Dairy Goats for export to Asia
Cattle heading to China

At the same time, Hedley John was approached by Chinese parties interested in the export of dairy cattle from New Zealand to China. Soon after, the company undertook the second shipment of cattle to depart from New Zealand to China. After several years of operating shipments of cattle by sea, the strategic decision was taken to specialise in the airfreight market, where we were able to compete by providing a bespoke service delivering high quality consignments directly to the buyers door.

In the ensuing years, the spectrum of countries, markets and livestock species the company exported have made it a truly international business. As well as trans-Tasman trade, Hedley John has serviced 6 countries in the Americas, 5 in the South Pacific, most of South East Asia, much of North Asia including China, Korea and Japan, the middle east, South Africa, Russian States and Europe / UK bring the total number of countries Hedley John has delivered high quality breeding livestock to over 25. 

Quality sheep with Argentinian handlers

Given the range of genetics which include beef and dairy cattle, meat and dairy goats, meat and dairy sheep, pigs, deer, llama and alpaca and ostrich, Hedley John is one of the worlds most diverse and experienced animal genetic trade companies.

The Early Years

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