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Hedley John has completed another livestock export first after recently sending the largest shipment of milking sheep ever to leave New Zealand to a special client in China.  (February 2021)

Dairy Sheep
Sheep for export
High quality milking sheep

Consisting primarily of milking sheep the shipment also included some dairy goats and, in another first,  some ultrafine merino. 


pre-export quarantine
Pure East Fresian
Dairy Goats

Premium  stock selected from throughout New Zealand were transported to Canterbury for quarantine in two specialist facilities where they underwent a variety of tests and treatments ensuring they were fit and healthy for export.

Sheep on airplane
Crates loaded on aircraft
cargo plane

Loaded into specially made crates 1400 sheep and 400 goats were shipped in a modern 747-800 series freighter with Cathay Pacific, every animal arrived safe and well in their new home.

sheep arriving at destination
sheep arriving at destination
sheep arrive in china

Destined for breeding and dairy production, the animals new home will be a modern hi-tech newly built farming facility in Inner Mongolia.

If you are interested in importing dairy sheep (or any other livestock) 

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